Getting the clean that you want

Getting the clean that you want

Getting the clean that you want

Here at Country Cleaners we understand that not all clients have the same requirements. Moreover, there are wildly differing opinions on what a cleaner should or should not do. What some people consider to be a deep cleaning task, others will class as a job to be done every week. Some clients don’t expect cleaners to tidy up scattered belongings, but others do. Cleanliness is the main priority for some: they want to know the shower traps have been cleared out and the floors have been disinfected.

As professional cleaners and housekeepers, we try to do everything possible to ensure a clean, tidy and fresh-smelling home. However, only so much can be done in a given time period. And that’s where priorities come in. The cleaner needs to know what you, the client, consider to be the most important. What is obvious to you might not be obvious to another person.

If you’re home when the staff member arrives, you can simply explain what you’d like done during the cleaning slot. Alternatively, you can leave a note or a list, with the most important tasks at the top.

Clients tend to have a set budget for cleaning and will not necessarily book the number of hours needed to clean the entire house. That’s absolutely fine. You might decide to have the upstairs and downstairs done on alternate visits, or you might decide some rooms can be omitted by the cleaner. In order to get the best value, you want to ensure the housekeeper is doing things that you think are important and that you don’t want to do yourself. In homes where it takes the full amount of time to do the basics, be sure to specify what can be left off in favour of a special task.

Are skirting boards and door frames part of a standard clean? That is quite a difficult question to answer. Yes and no, basically. It really depends on the amount of time available and whether these areas are visibly dirty. In homes with pets that tend to rub against the skirtings, or shake themselves after coming in from a walk, skirting boards will be wiped regularly, and this will be built into the time estimate. In some homes it is sufficient to dust the skirtings with the brush attachment on the hoover, and it is standard to do this at least once a month. Personally, I will wipe dirty marks off the paintwork when I notice them, since a recent mark is invariably easier to remove than a build-up of dirt.

Cleaning interior windows is another task that may or not be part of a standard clean. Obviously, doing all of the windows in a medium or large house would have to be done during deep cleaning or instead of another sizeable task. I carry a Karcher Window Vac in my kit and endeavor to do some of the windows on every visit. I pay particular attention to the windows above the kitchen sink, which often become spattered. I also check panes of glass in interior doors. If time permits, I clean any glass at the entrance way as I’m leaving. Dirty windows bother some clients but not others. If they bother you, be sure to include them on a note to your cleaner.

A representative from our company visits all new clients before the service commences. We find it’s a good opportunity to find out what is important to each client. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to communicate with the staff member who does your house. Let her know if you don’t like the scent of a certain cleaning product or if you want her to put the dog in his crate before she mops the floor. Compliments are welcome too! Our housekeepers aim to please you and they always like to know if they have succeeded.