Disinfection Service

Our company now offers disinfectant fogging. This is useful for disinfecting whole rooms or whole properties. It entails using a machine to fog a fine mist of disinfectant over all surfaces. It is much quicker and more thorough than wiping down with disinfectant. The droplets generated are so tiny that the process doesn’t make surfaces wet.

We offer two different options for fogging:

Hypochlorous acid fogging

Hypochlorous acid – sometimes called electrolysed water – is a broad spectrum disinfectant that kills bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. Hypochlorous acid is different from sodium hypochlorite or bleach (although the mode of action is similar). Hypochlorous acid will destroy virus particles in the air or on surfaces within seconds. The droplets will quickly evaporate leaving no residue.

The big advantage of hypochlorous acid is that it isn’t at all toxic to humans and in fact dental surgeries often use it. We don’t need to wear PPE to fog it. Electrical sockets need to be plugged and electrical appliances covered (as a precaution against moisture), but everything else may be fogged with hypochlorous. The bedding doesn’t even need to be removed and nor does the crockery and cutlery. People may re-enter the area immediately after fogging.

Price: £30 per half hour (plus VAT)

Fogging with Envirosafe SF

Envirosafe SF is a disinfectant containing quaternary ammonium compounds (quats). This product is safe for food contact surfaces. It has residual activity on surfaces. That means it will kill bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses on contact, and will continue to kill any that land on the surfaces for at least 24 hours. This residual activity lasts longer on surfaces not frequently touched. The product kills 99.9999% of bacteria and fungi, and 99.99% of viruses. It has proven efficacy against envelope viruses such as SARS-Cov2.

We must wear full PPE when fogging with Envirosafe SF (or any other quat disinfectant). If there are any people not wearing PPE in the area to be fogged, we have to seal off the whole area. Electrical sockets and appliances have to be covered. Bedding, crockery and cutlery either have to be covered or removed from the area. The air needs to be clear of droplets before people can go back in – we use test strips to check this. It may be up to three hours before people can re-enter.

Fogging with quat products is a more expensive option due to the cost of the product and the precautions needed to handle it. However, it might be your choice if you need a disinfectant with residual activity.

Price: from £50 per half hour* (plus VAT)

* The time required will be at least one hour, due to the preparations and post-treatment testing requirement.



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